Tobacco Asia magazine


Who We Serve

Tobacco Asia is the ONLY magazine written and edited for the Asia regional tobacco industry; 

read and trusted by industry professionals around the world.

For Advertisers

Tobacco Asia has the widest exposure of any trade magazine in the region. Tobacco Asia is the best and most cost-effective way to support your sales efforts to the tobacco industry in Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East – the world’s most dynamic tobacco markets.


Tobacco Asia has the widest distribution and the deepest penetration of any tobacco industry magazine no matter where in Asia, Oceania, or the Middle East, or what segment of the tobacco industry you are trying to reach.

For Readers

Tobacco Asia provides the manufacturing industry with market news, views, and the latest developments on tobacco leaf, equipment, machinery, supplies, services, solutions, and developing markets.

Trusted by tobacco industry professionals since 1996, Tobacco Asia delivers the best, most relevant, and insightful coverage of the Asia tobacco manufacturing and wholesale business.

Where to Find Tobacco Asia

Tobacco Asia is available in full in e-magazine format and unlike all other tobacco magazines, there is no paywall blocking readers and potential buyers from viewing the articles and advertising.

Tobacco Asia delivers bonus distribution at major tobacco exhibitions. Tobacco Asia distributes annually at its partner exhibition - InterTabac/InterSupply in Dortmund, Germany. 

Tobacco Asia’s direct-to-individual distribution provides one of the only ways to continuously get exposure for an advertiser’s products regionally in an ever-darkening tobacco marketing environment.